Saturday, January 22, 2011

And Its Time, You Come In . . From The Cold.

I have been walking on a wet,cold and dull road for quite some time now but finally I've realised that  the end which i see,which i hope for, is not there. . its an ongoing path,it just deludes me,it keeps bending at what may seem to be the end and i keep walking on, hoping, wishing that the miles would get short,that my steps wouldn't be forced to remain on this path for long, hoping that one day the road of morbidness would end and i would free fall in the lap of happiness!

But no, that's not the case,i  have figured out that its not that the road is laid out before you and all you can do is walk. . .walk slowly. . or run through it. . its all about the choices you make.
YOU were the one who chose the road.
YOU were the who chose to keep treading on it even after you realised its not taking you anywhere.
and YOU are the only one who can decide,when to stop and create a new path for yourself.

  A few days before,i was walking in the moonlight, thinking. . .
what do you do when you start finding comfort in the coldness of the air?
what do you do when you get addicted to the chill that numbs your brain?
what do you do when your only company is the moon,which lights up the night sky. . .only giving you a reason to stay in the dark just to find your moon?
what do you do,when you stand alone with your shadow , people walking past you, like you were no better than the silent shadow itself?
what do you do when you have got so accustomed to liking the haunts of the night,that the light of the driving wheels make you turn away?
what do you do,when you stop finding a reason to wake up each morning so you lie asleep, till the moon showers its fake warmth on you. . .fake coz it glows like embers. . but it will always be too far to provide you with the heat it promises.
moreover you don't trust the one who has stolen light from some one else(in this case the sun) to shine in your eyes. do you?

All these thoughts gripped me for long, i was going away from the real source of warmth in my life,going away from all the love i have in my life(which i had made myself believe had gotten over with its existence) until i went back to it and felt that love in the arms of my mother and then i realized, ITS TIME I COME IN FROM THE COLD.