Thursday, August 12, 2010


The crimson light basking in the dusk's glory,
the sky deep in its blueness. . slowly giving way to the darkness which will soon rule upon her.
I sit here , on my "GATEWAY TO PARADISE",beneath the vast blueness of the sky,
hoping that the time would stand still for a while,so that i could drench in the timeless beauty of the moment.
The sky grey and blue but utterly pleasing,the surrounding wet and dull but wholly soothing,the wind moving slowly and sweetly,a tinge of coolness in it,whispering things in my ear. . .

I wish I could stay here and drench in the beauty of the moment,plunge into the deep emptiness of the sky and never care to come back to Earth,a land where my soul feels locked and chained in the dutiful quagmire of responsibilities,of growing up,of living in pretense,of doing things to please people when none of your heart finds peace in it.I wish if I could only stop the time and never face the foes of nature,of love,of my heart. . .

I wish i could live the life my heart wants but everything has a price to pay. The price seems too much sometimes and i feel broke ,for i can't afford it,so i steal it for some moments and then replace it, but i guess only true possession of my heart's desire can satiate my inner turbulence, for only then will i be happy,for only then will i be a part of my true "fatum",of my true destiny.
But every now and then,i feel so morbid.I feel like a vagabond,just wandering with time,with no set direction before me,with no set kinship of a friend,a brother,a sister or a parent beside me.Just woeful complaints,just eyes of hatred that look down on me as though i can't achieve a bit of good in this life,and so. . .it drizzles again. . .
Oh!dear sky!don't you cry at my sorrow,for i have the only support in you and if you shall weep,so shall I,so tell the wind to dry your tears and carry the heaviness of my heart away.Now its dark,like you have closed your eyes,its alright ,if you might,but don't shed these tears,for they are wetting my soul,dampening the pages where i spill my heart out.

I guess it all comes down to the fact that you've to learn to put up a fight for your wants and dreams in life.This world has been set up in such a way that first you have to prove your worth to others in terms that others can judge it,doesn't matter if you feel yourself worthy,for the naked ugliness of the dejection you face at the stake of your dreams is bound to make your own soul loose conviction in itself!

         "The nights shall pass. .
           giving way to bright days
          but i rather live in darkness,
           getting warmed up by the flame of my own soul
          than live in light,
         which digs out the hypocrisy of this world
        and leaves my own heart with a deep whole. . "



  1. great
    bohot hi vadiya hai

  2. great
    bohot hi vadiya hai

  3. hmmm...

    Finally decoded it. :P

    Nice piece of writing.

  4. congratulations 4 the new blog...
    very well written...

  5. :D
    I wos jus loosin my temper over ur ignorance of my blog. . .nd here we are. . thanx!
    send me da link of ur sis's blog!