Monday, April 25, 2011


L.O.V.E -A word so commonly used,so widely misunderstood,so vaguely delusive and a word that still rightfully conjures up the entire essence of  our short existence in this timeless notion of the world.
I bet everyone can swear that they L.O.V.E some person in their lives like they never loved anyone else.
It could be parents,friends,lovers or any person for whom they feel a rush of warmth and care whenever they see them.It could be momentary,it could be long lasting, everyone claims to have experienced love in someway or the other but can you explain it? What is L.O.V.E?what do these four randomly arranged letters in English dictionary signify? 

Here is my attempt to understand,to explain myself and maybe to you what love is.I know i might not be quite near to it when am done,maybe the answers would still elude me,who cares though. . "the answer might be in the attempt itself"!

I had always wondered what it would feel  to be in LOVE? would it feel MAGICAL?would take away the emptiness i feel in the depth of my heart when am alone sometimes?would it make me COMPLETE?
what i failed to realize  was that it's not a stage that you acquire in life,its not a tourism package that assures you of the * wonderous * places you would see while assuring you the time of your life and value for money. . it's just a constant state of existence. LOVE is unconditional.There are no strings attached.You don't love a person if he/she loves you back.You love them because YOU LOVE THEM!

Love in its every form is a bit ambiguous.I don't know if there are different kinds of love,one for your family,one for your spouse or one for your pet!
I guess,i could be wrong in saying ,that LOVE is what it is.It's the same selfless feeling that makes us a bit more than just mere humans.Its the same energy that just materializes in different forms with respect to different relationships.

To love is to give away more than a part of you to someone,to see beyond their imperfections,to sacrifice your happiness for their contentment.Its irrational,since rationality instinctively tells us to do whats in best interest for us.
As a teenager on the brink of being an adult(since they say 18 is the rightful age) i believe the longing for a different kind of LOVE devours us at this age.A longing to be understood,to be cared for inspite of our shortcomings,a longing to feel that love,a longing to have someone in our lives who's smile would be the sunshine of our days and whose cries would be the downpour of our tired nights.

I've seen that this is the most vulnerable time of our lives when we feel quite certainly that we are in love coz somewhere deep down we desperately ache to be in love but the irony, this is the time when we seldom realize what love is.But again you can't restrict this to a certain age-group, many people till their dying day still don't realize what truly loving means.
I don't mean to say that anyone during the teenage years doesn't understand love or hasn't experienced it in full force.I just have have seen a humorous amount of *kids* saying with full conviction that they are in love with someone and hurting if they don't get a reciprocation of the same sort from the other side! Or in the other scenario i have seen people promising their love to each other like *fairytale romances* seldom realizing what LOVE really means.I like to scoff at them (and it is also for for mature adults who do so) who say this word without realising what it stands for!
TRUE LOVE is when you hold that person's needs,wants,desires much above than yours.That you'd b ready to cry a thousand tears just to see them smile,that you'd walk on desert of thorns just get that oasis rose for them,that you'd lay awake a million twilights just to make sure they sleep away safely,TRUE LOVE would mean that you're wiling to go away from them when you know it would be better for them no matter how much it might hurt you,it would mean that you could take the agony of watching them silently from the shadows while they laugh and live their life with someone else and not being angry or remorseful but only being happy for their happiness.LOVE NEVER ASKS, IT ONLY GIVES.

Now wouldn't anyone scorn at a person agonising for having lost their only love to someone else?Or crying in grief that they could never get that love in return? you tell me to pity .  . i ask why? if they yearn. . if they cry. . they cry for their own self. . LOVE is never selfish. . if its selfish ,it  NEVER was love!
I know its hard ,to love someone and not get it back,it's only human to hurt when someone ditches you. . . but life goes on. . .just don't hurt for what was never real. . for if it would be real you would never have to hurt!

I don't know if i am anywhere near unravelling the mysterious significance of the world L.O.V.E.
but i know i can define it in one simple world for the time being.    * SELFLESS.*

P.S.-Ask your mom and you'll know!:)
             P.S 2- I don't know why people signify the heart icon as *love*.You don't love solely from your heart, do you? I choose to believe it comes from the entire soul! 
          P.S 3-If you're sure its a true kind of love never hesitate to show it ,through small gestures or through words.In The end that's what everybody needs right. . TO BE LOVED!



  1. And u said u might not b quite near 2 xplaining it ????...its a summation of all d stuff 1 hears, reads & watches about love : )
    and feel d same abr teen "love" its momentary infatuation !
    & PS 2 it !

  2. :D
    ths dear!m glad u agree with me!

  3. its jst grt.... no wrds to acknowledge this kind of stuff

  4. and yes ps2 i too love it

  5. mothers love is said to be of the purest form and the most selfless form...

  6. :D
    remember when she'd lie awake to sing u a lullaby to ease ur fears. . .thats makes me so sure. . about what love's supposed to mean!

  7. LOVE most used word today has lesser meaning in the society people r so damm obssesed with the word love that they almost forget the true meaning

    love is more being just a feeling its beautiful
    it may not be a girl or a boy together
    but its purest in any form
    any godamm thing in the world isnt as pure as true well

    pramati nice piece of work as usual and u explained it well "TRUE LOVE " :)

  8. in 6th line of my comment its *LOVE instead of *WELL in the end :P

  9. tejwansh and the un-named commentor-thank you.:)

  10. dear pramati, you have rightly projected as to what LOVE is. =)

  11. Hmm.. You have, I think, touched each aspect of LOVE there is. It seems you have had some unfortunate experiences with love too, and that's what given you quite a wholesome idea about the elusive love.

    PS - I love your style of writing. :)

  12. dear anonymous-
    experiences with love are always fortunate.

  13. Have you had any fortunate ones?
    Well, I havent.
    It's a strange thing, love. It can fill you up with mad happiness if you receive it in response to your love, while its absence can eat you up.

  14. but in the end, its better to have loved and lost, than not to have loved at all. . .isn't it?

  15. tell me something pramati, are you being selfless? ask yourself who are you missing out on....:)

  16. Misbah- Thanks :)
    Anonymous- I really didn't get you.